Online Tennis Manager Game

Tennis online manager game Tennio is your opportunity to manage and train a professional tennis player. Schedule training sessions for your player to do while you are away, develop the most appropriate tactics then let your tennis game player participate in tournaments around the globe.

The creators of the tennis manager game Tennio are proud with their offspring. Created by professional tennis players, tennis coaches as well as dedicated game players, Tennio will have you immersed in the world of tennis from the beginning. You can do a multitude of things inside the game like watch your tennis player carrying out daily tasks; choose the latest kit and even watch games live.


Top 10 countries:

Latvia Latvia 2021 players
Sweden Sweden 645 players
Great Britain Great Britain 397 players
The United States The United States 374 players
Lithuania Lithuania 305 players
Brazil Brazil 253 players
Serbia Serbia 181 players
Spain Spain 173 players
Romania Romania 166 players
Australia Australia 159 players

Create Your Player

Sign up for one of the most eagerly awaited online games of the year, the next step is to create your perfect tennis player. Tennio gives the option of choosing everything about your player, from the colour of the eyes right down to the equipment he will use.


Train Your Player

Train hard, play easy. It's not good to enter competitions unless you have exercised and trained your player correctly. The choice of exercises is vast as you strive to be the number one tennis player in the world.


Create Your Tactics

To be the best you need to have perfect tactics to beat the best. Choose the best possible options for base line play. Want to return those shots accurately and with speed? It's all there in the tactics and you need to get it right!


Equip Yourself

In order to be the best you need to have certain things like the right tactics, physique and of course the best equipment possible. Rackets, strings, balls and bags are all important when you strive to be the king of the hill.


Play in Tournaments

Now that you are primed and ready, tournaments are waiting for you to enter. Tournaments like the French Open, the US Open, and of course Wimbledon are all there waiting for you. There are points to be won too when you advance through the rounds, so what are you waiting for?


Watch Games Live

One great way of picking up hints and tips is to watch games live. Get a heads up on your competitors and then adjust your tactics before you play them in order for you to have the upper hand.